Double-Duty Features

The Bed That’s Also a Sofa

Typical teardrop trailers are made so that the sleeping compartment has been almost like sleeping in a drawer–feet tucked under the galley in a dark, cave-like, and claustrophobic environment.

Vistabule’s design is different. Really different. You can sleep with your head at either end of the camper—no cramped feet here! But not only that, our queen-sized bed converts to a comfortable couch! Great design means with little effort, you can convert Vistabule’s bedroom to a reading room, game room, observation platform, breezeway, game dining room, gazebo, and back porch all in one!

A Headboard Built for Your Stuff

The Vistabule headboard has room for every item of clothing you need for your travels. No need to bring a suitcase. The upper storage is ideal for your socks, T-shirts and unmentionables. The handy and simple translucent panels keep things in place on bumpy roads and give you privacy at night. The sliding doors below hide deep storage for your more bulky sweaters, shirts, and pants.

Beneath the floor are two large storage spaces. Big enough for your folding chairs or a mini-spare tire, or both! And when the bed is in sofa mode these storage areas provide a comfortable
place for your feet.

Two Times the Tables

Tables are an important feature in Vistabule teardrop trailers. We offer two double duty tables — a floor mounted one for when the bed is in sofa mode and folding side tables for night mode.

When you’re enjoying Vistabule’s living space, a handy little table mounts in the floor before you–perfect for a game of cribbage or a place to set your field glasses while waiting for deer. When it’s bedtime, this table stores easily in its own bin on the floor. After you’ve collapsed the sofa into your bed, the fold-up tables on the doors are ready for a last minute nosh, nightcap or to hold your reading materials. When it’s time to sleep, you can either lift the tables to their privacy mode or drop them flat to the doors.