Wide-Open Spaces

Spacious Bedroom/Living Space

Vistabule’s bedroom is spacious and full of light. Unlike other teardrop trailers, our design means you can rest your head at either end. The queen-size bed gives you plenty of room for a good night’s sleep. On a clear night you can gaze up through the front window and fall asleep counting the stars.
And one of the best things about our design is the semi-automatic sofa mechanism. By simply lifting a small handle, the bed folds up to create a comfortable sofa and give you great living space! So whether lying down or sitting up, Vistabule lets you experience the wide view!

See the Light

Vistabule has lighting galore! Reading lights, dome lights, galley light and mood lighting that can be any color of the rainbow–perfect for night vision when you’re viewing the night sky.

Open Wide

Vistabule’s doors are wide. Really wide. You can lounge half in and half out. And we offer a convenient fold-up table option that maximizes space by hanging flat on the doors when not in use but easily converts to the perfect nightstand when you’re in rest mode.