Teardrop trailers are a fad that has lasted since the 1930s. What makes them so appealing? Well, they’re small and cute! But more than that, they are an economical and a simple way to travel through the natural wonders of this great country.

Originally, teardrop trailers were born of the need to survive the Great Depression. People were losing their homes, their jobs. En masse they migrated across the country looking for greener pastures. They may have lost their homes and their livelihood, but somehow they held onto their old jalopy and cobbled together a small trailer that could shelter them in their travels to the new world.

This was the time of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). They built our roads, bridges and infrastructure. They built our National Parks and their marvelous lodges. Little trailers, hard work and hard times made these beautiful vistas that we treasure today. One way to experience these wonderful treasures is in one of our teardrop trailers.

It’s a Vistabule! A room with a view, a window to the world.