Frequently Asked...


Q: Do you have any dealers?
A: No, we sell direct to consumers. We have our factory and showroom in St. Paul as well as AMAZING customers who love to show off their Vistabules! If you are interested in arranging a private showing at our showroom or with one of our ambassadors, email us at

Q: Where are you located?
A: We're in Minnesota, half-way between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. A district called "The Midway". Our address is 755 North Prior Ave., Suite 111, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104. At the base of the giant smoke stack!

Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: We do have a showroom and would love to have you come visit! We do ask that you make an appointment first though!

Q: Can I have my Vistabule shipped to me?
A: Of course, you can! When ordering just let us know you are interested in shipping and we will get you a quote ASAP! 

Q: What is the outside of the Vistabule made of?
A: We use a sturdy painted .040” aluminum to insure low maintenance.

Q: How heavy are your Vistabule trailers?
A: Our trailers weigh 1200 lb. dry and about 1500 lb. with all your gear, propane and water.

Q: How long is the Vistabule?
A: The cabin is 10ft. long and the total length, tongue to tail light, is 14 ft. long.

Q: Are all your trailers made to order?
A: Yes, they are!

Q: What is the ordering process?
A: Once we have received your finished pricing sheet and first down payment, you will officially be added to our queue. At that time, we will also send out the necessary paperwork

Q: Do you accept credit cards and or cashier’s check?
A: No, we do not accept credit cards. We DO accept either cashier’s check or personal checks.

Q: How would I get my trailer serviced if I do not live in Minnesota?
A: We have multiple solutions, depending on the type of service and how handy you are.  For simple things, we often send out the material needed along with instructions. For more complex processes we arrange for the work to be done by an authorized RV service center in your area. Finally, if all else fails, we will send someone out to fix your trailer! You are our ambassdors and we want you to be happy! 

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: No, you do not have to pay sales tax here. You pay taxes once you are home and register your Vistabule with your local DMV. 

Q: Is it smart to get electric brakes?
A: Yes, we generally recommend getting electric brakes. Electric brakes are more important with smaller vehicles. Emergency stopping distance may be reduced from 15%-18% with electric brakes.

Q: What kind of car can tow a Vistabule?
A:  Any vehicle rated for 1500 lb. or greater towing capacity. Our tongue weight is between 160 lb. and 180 lb. 

Q: What size are the tires on a Vistabule?
A: 14 in. wheels. 

Q: What kind of glass is in the front/back windows?
A: The front window is safety glass, just like your auto windshield. The back window is tempered glass.

Q: I’m not quite sure I am a teardrop camper, yet. Do you have any Vistabules I could rent before I buy one?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have any Vistabules to rent out at this time. We are looking for a way to rent them in the future, so stay tuned! We suggest that you google rentable teardrops in your area. Now, they won’t be Vistabules, but at least you will get a feel for teardrop towing and camping. Also, check out the app RVshare, I have heard of a couple customers putting their Vistabule's on there to rent out!

Q: Why aren’t the electrical outlets in the galley and pass through working?

A: The AC outlets (3 prongs outlets like the ones at home), including the one the air conditioner and/or refrigerator/powered cooler is plugged into in the electrical compartment only have power when you’re connected to shore power with your extension cord.  It’s also always good to make sure you are plugging into a good outlet at your campground and have tested your extension cord.  People have called reporting that their outlets are not working when plugged in and it was simply a non-functional outlet or bad extension cord.  A simple AC outlet tester or any AC appliance can be used to test the outlet at a campsite if you know you’ll need AC power.