Artisan-designed for beauty and comfort

Thoughtful details are visible inside and out.

  • The large front-facing picture window—a Vistabule innovation!—provides unparalleled views of your surroundings, while additional side and back windows keep you connected to the natural world.

  • The aluminum exterior is available in eight colors and the birch and maple interior makes the cabin glow with warmth.

  • The cabin is about the size of a queen bed, so it’s cozy, not crowded, and quickly transforms for truly comfortable sit-up lounging.

  • A floor-to-ceiling headboard lets you stow clothing and gear out of sight and out of the way.


Vistabule gives you a different view altogether. Our thoughtful, one-of-a-kind design means you’re oriented to the front of the teardrop camper where all the action is. Our huge window means lots of space to take in the sites around you. Claustrophobia is out; views are in. The sleeping/living area is the size of a queen bed. Big enough for a pajama party, pillow fight, or deep slumbers after a big night of campfire revelry.

Vistabule Teardrop Trailer Features


Cozy -- not crowded -- and filled with beautifully designed functionality

  • The large front window...yes we had to mention it again!

  • Our queen-sized bed converts to a comfortable couch, providing a great space to read, relax, or socialize.

  • The headboard lets you organize everything you need inside. Larger lower cabinets with adjustable shelves and upper "bookcase" storage allow you to use all that space efficiently.

  • Flip-up door tables provide useful bedside surfaces.

  • Accessible when in sofa-mode, two large storage bins double as foot wells and offer under-seat space big enough for portable solar panel, camp chairs, extra shoes and more.

  • Abundant standard outlets (110V, USB & 12V) and lighting with options for more flexibility and fun.



pop the lid and you’re cookin’

  • The Vistabule galley hatch provides shelter while washing, prepping and cooking.

  • Conveniently located upper cabinets provide a purpose-designed space for silverware, spices, wine & oil bottles, coffee mugs, and more.

  • Down below, configure your dream camp kitchenette from our flexible pullout drawer, cooler storage, and refrigeration configuration options.

  • An ingenious pass-through from the kitchenette to the cabin allows conversation, a cocktail, and dinner to be shared between campers. Like all of our operable windows, you can keep the bugs out with sliding screens.




We’ve designed this teardrop camper to be a snap to tow. Weighing only 1220 pounds, the Vistabule can be towed easily behind almost any car, thanks to our 2” ball hitch and an aerodynamic shape that rides along smoothly with the slipstream of your car.

Vistabule’s 14” wheels hug the road and a torsion axle makes for a smooth ride. This custom teardrop camper is carefully balanced, which means that sway and fishtailing are virtually eliminated.

  • Approximate empty/dry weight: 1,100 - 1,200 lbs

  • Approximate loaded weight range: 1,400 -1,500 lbs

  • Outside cabin dimensions: 5' X 10'

  • Overall trailer dimensions: 6'10" X 14'

  • Ground clearance: 8" (std) - 10" (offroad)

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“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.”