Teardrop Camper Prices - How Much Does a Teardrop Camper Cost?

Here’s how much teardrop campers cost:

  • Low end: $5,000 - $10,000

  • Mid-range: $10,000 - $15,000

  • Luxury/custom teardrop trailer: $16,000 and up

Why the Range of Teardrop Trailer Prices?

The variance of teardrop trailer prices is significantly influenced by features that can be added to fit your specific needs, style and comfort level. A basic teardrop trailer will include a cabin for sleeping and a back galley that may include a few cooking utilities.

In today’s RV world, however, almost anything can be modified into a fully-customized solution. High-end teardrop trailers can feature amenities like complete climate control, green energy options, style modifications and beyond.

Other neat features of luxury teardrop trailers include:

Rooftop mounted solar panels

Rooftop mounted solar panels

  • Stovetop

  • Fresh water tank, sink, faucet and sprayer

  • Furnace and air conditioner

  • Refrigerator and freezer

  • Rooftop mounted solar panel systems

  • Custom exterior paint job

  • TV installation

  • Interior LED mood lighting, nighttime exterior lighting

Luxury Teardrop Trailers

Luxury can be subjective but in the context of a teardrop trailer a foundation of thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship is the starting point. Transforming these inputs into beautiful aesthetics, exceptional functionality, ease of use and comfort brings luxury to life. From a distance, the shape/lines, size, the placement of doors, windows, and even colors should be appealing and draw you in. Closer up, material quality, assembly details and fit & finish should not disappoint.

When it’s time for you to envision yourself on your dream adventure, the interior of the cabin should feel inviting and truly comfortable to live in day or night. Storage should be surprisingly smart and abundant, rear kitchen organized and ergonomically aligned. When you’re headed down the road, the last thing you want is to be afraid of what your trailer is doing behind you. Insist on a quality torsion axle with electric brakes for a smooth ride and comfortable stopping.

Vistabule was founded based on the inspirational idea that the teardrop camper could be reimagined from dark, claustrophobic cabin to open, airy, bright space for lounging, stargazing or sleeping. From small, challenging door openings to large, accessible doors that even paraplegics have identified as one-of-a-kind in the travel trailer market. From awkward and primitive kitchen to natural and well-appointed cooking environment. Wrapping all this in an inspiring exterior, rich with choreographed shapes & lines, trim details and colors has brought the Vistabule to a place where our owners often tell us they knew this was then one they had to have as soon as they saw it.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Teardrop Camper?

Building teardrop campers, like any complex assembly process, requires a mix of parts, supplies, skilled labor, and tools. Manufacturers make important decisions about the quality of materials and components used, as well as sourcing decisions, such as what to make in-house vs. outsource to specialty fabricators. 

So, answering the question of what it costs to build a teardrop depends but assuming the highest quality inputs, building a well-equipped luxury teardrop would easily exceed $15,000. Then there’s the rest of the business activities & costs:

Copy of Vistabule's Large Doors
  • Customer service

  • Product development

  • Supplier & inventory management

  • Sales & marketing

  • Production space, etc.

These activities wrap around manufacturing to deliver both the quality product and level of service deserving of the luxury label.

DIY Teardrop Trailers

If you’re thinking that building a teardrop trailer is a weekend project or a way to save some money, think again. A DIY teardrop camper requires specific tools and handy expertise. What’s more, if done wrong, you could seriously hurt yourself or someone else while driving down the highway. Plus, it doesn’t save you that much money when you factor in all the different parts, tools and components. It can also be a time suck.

For a true teardrop trailer that’s comparable to something basic you can buy already made (not a plywood box attached to an old utility trailer), you can expect to still spend at least $3,000. Of course, if you make sacrifices in comfort and utility, you can bring that price down a little bit.

If you’ve ever tackled a DIY project at home, you know these things can snowball, and before you know it, you’re down a few thousand bucks and hours, days, even weeks of your time that you will never get back. Sometimes it’s just easier to leave it to a professional or to buy it already completed.

Like many DIY projects, the first time you do it is typically more complicated, more frustrating and takes longer than expected. Lack of knowledge or access to all the right materials is another reason to approach DIY teardrop build with some caution. Sourcing the materials - wood, exterior skin, doors, windows, fasteners, paint/sealant waterproofing products - that need to come together to produce a safe, comfortable, durable, watertight teardrop camper will be challenging. And don’t forget the dedicated space you’ll need to work through the full build process.

Teardrop Trailer vs. RV and Popup Camper Prices

While traditional RVs and teardrop campers have their obvious physical differences, the costs differ greatly as well. Essentially an apartment on wheels, the average price for an RV, otherwise known as a motorhome, hovers around $100,000 according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Of course, depending on the features and style, it can be up to $300,000. It’s called a motor-“home” for a reason.

Not only are the base prices much higher with RVs, consider the amount of gas needed to operate those huge machines, as well as all the additional maintenance for things like plumbing, electricity and more. After gas and maintenance, factor in off-season storage and park hookups, and you’re in for a bumpy ride, financially.

Teardrops are simply towed behind your everyday vehicle, saving tons of gas money. Plus, thanks to their lightweight design, even smaller more economical vehicles with a hitch can tow a teardrop – no need for a big truck or SUV.


“Teardrops are simply towed behind your everyday vehicle, saving tons of gas money.”

In terms of the quality spectrum, pop-up campers are considered to be on the lower end. And their prices reflect that fact. Little more than a tow-behind tent, higher-end pop-ups can reach up to $10,000, while the lower-end is $1,000 - $3,000.

While these RVs may come with a cheaper price tag, they’re also notorious for their maintenance requirements. The vinyl that acts as the enclosure for the pop-up camper needs to be replaced regularly every few years. That’s not to mention any maintenance of patching that needs to happen when it accidentally rips. Any water that inevitably seeps through is going to severely damage the interior, which won’t just be a big repair bill, it will be hazardous to your health due to mold growth.

Another problem with pop-up campers is their well-known tendency to depreciate in value, particularly when taking out a long-term loan on it. If you buy a popup camper and you’re planning on upgrading to a teardrop or full motorhome at any time in the next few years, you stand to take a huge loss financially. Similar to an auto loan, early payments are interest-heavy, and RV values tend to depreciate even faster than automobiles.

You may find a great deal on a used teardrop camper at $5,000, or you could go with a new, custom-built luxury teardrop camper that could be upwards of $20,000 – there’s something for almost every budget.

However, when you factor in price point, options, and convenience, teardrop trailers are the perfect candidate for those who want to tour the country in something more comfortable than a tent and less cumbersome than a motorhome or large travel trailer.

Teardrop Camper Pricing Considerations

When it comes to teardrop campers, you get what you pay for. Depending on customization and added features, prices for teardrop campers can reach almost any price. However, the majority of manufacturers offer base models in their own unique price range, and then the consumer is free to add extra amenities like fresh water tanks, climate control and kitchen utilities as they wish.

Custom-built teardrop trailers have become an industry of their own. Those road warriors that want all the bells and whistles can work with a teardrop trailer manufacturer to build custom trailers, letting them add a number of different luxury features to both the interior and exterior, which affects the overall price tag. From solar panels to climate control to custom woodwork, custom-built teardrop trailers can truly become a home away from home.

Claustrophobia is out; views are in.

Claustrophobia is out; views are in.

Ready to Learn More?

When it comes to traveling the world – whether you’re a retiree ready to set off on a new adventure or a newcomer to the world of RVs – teardrop trailers offer the perfect mix of affordability, convenience and comfort when compared to other options available on the market.

Are you interested in learning more about luxury teardrop campers? Get in touch with Vistabule today. Each of our custom-built campers is exquisitely designed and carefully-built specifically for its owner. With our many custom options, you’re ready for any climate, any occasion and almost any location. Download the pricing worksheet below or contact our team today to find out more.